A Rare Opportunity

A Rare Opportunity

The shores of the Sea of Galilee, not to mention the entirety of Israel, are among the most sought-after and difficult to obtain pieces of real estate in the world. Many areas are non-developable and real estate in the area, especially waterfront, is at a great premium due to high demand, scarcity, and government regulation.

The geographically compact coastline of the Western shore of Galilee holds unmatched historic significance; extremely scarce available land and difficulty of development for public use make the purchase of this land and realization of this project, along with the offering of lifetime membership rights, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Many organizations and individuals have tried diligently to obtain land on these shores over the years to no avail.

Private land in general is very difficult to obtain in Israel, with over 93% of available land administered by the government, and a fast-growing population of 8.5 million people competing to obtain land in a country that is the same size as New Jersey. Further complicating development is an intensive, expensive, and time consuming permitting and zoning process, which can very often take decades to complete on commercial real estate projects in Israel.

These and other extenuating factors cause the purchase of land and development of recreational real estate in Israel to be a very labor intensive and time consuming process. Land in the most important parts of Galilee is dominated by sprawling farming communities, historic preservation areas, rocky sea cliffs, and the soaring volcanic outcroppings of the Golan, leaving very little land suitable for building and even fewer lush beachfront locations such as the one we have chosen for this special project.

An obvious benefit of this lack of development is the fact that the area looks very much like it might have two thousand years ago. Breathtaking shorelines and rugged cliffs meet crystal blue waters, with bursts of green from olive groves and farms dotting the surrounding hillsides. Hiking trails, water activities, and opportunities to explore the fascinating landscape abound; a true natural wonderland.

We have chosen a very unique and inspiring site for Galilee Shores; a gently sloping, tree-lined retreat, which opens onto a wide, beautiful sandy beach - a feature rare on the Sea of Galilee - that provides sweeping, awe-inducing views of the sea and its shoreline and easy access to the waters of Galilee for boating, fishing, swimming, or quiet contemplation.

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